New Rabies DVD Can Help Educate Your Clients

In French, it’s “la rage.” The Spanish version is “la rabia.” No matter in what tongue it’s spoken, there are some sad truths about rabies. About 55,000 people die from the disease each year – one person every 10 minutes. 

The simple things we can do to prevent rabies exposure and the spread of the disease frame the central message of “Rabies: Simple Steps Save Lives,” a new AVMA educational DVD that’s perfect for your clinic or as a resource during your next visit to your local school or community career day. 

Produced by the AVMA in conjunction with the Global Alliance for Rabies Control, “Rabies: Simple Steps Save Lives” is being released just in time for the 2012 observance of World Rabies Day. Communities across the globe will celebrate World Rabies Day on September 28 in an effort to increase knowledge of the disease and raise awareness that rabies, while responsible for killing so many people each year, is preventable. 

You can purchase the DVD from the AVMA’s Online Store, and you can also view it and download it via YouTube beginning Sept. 1. The DVD is available in English and is also subtitled in French, Spanish and mainland Chinese. It is also captioned in English for the hearing impaired.

2 thoughts on “New Rabies DVD Can Help Educate Your Clients

  1. What would be the AVMA’s advice on rabies vaccines in rabies free states such as Hawaii? Should we be including rabies as part of our core veterinary vaccine protocol or just vaccinating if there is a possibility of travel outside of Hawaii to a rabies infected area such as the mainland.

    Thank you,
    Dr. Pegg

    • Great question, Dr. Pegg, thanks for bringing that up. We’re going to consult with some folks with expertise in that area and will get back to you with their input/recommendations. For one, though, the Hawaii VMA might have some guidance, as might the state veterinarian’s office. But we’re intrigued by the question and we’re going to look into it as well.