Update: AVMA Task Force on Governance and Member Participation

The Task Force on AVMA Governance and Member Participation was appointed in spring 2012 to review and evaluate the AVMA’s governance structure to determine if we will meet the future needs of the membership, the profession and the association. The AVMA hired Glenn Tecker, chairman and co-CEO of Tecker International, LLC, to work with the task force to develop a new vision of governance for the AVMA. Mr. Tecker’s life work is focused on effective association governance.

The task force held its initial meeting in April, followed by the AVMA Summit on Governance in July. About 60 participants, selected to represent a diverse array of stakeholders, attended the summit. The participants were arranged in eight groups, each of which was tasked with developing design specifications for governance structure and process. During the exercise, the groups were asked to identify what any governance model for AVMA must “be,” “be like” or “do” – and, conversely, what any model for AVMA must not “be,” “be like” or “do.” Each group was then asked to formulate a governance model that met their design specifications. At the end of the summit, participants had created eight plausible governance models.

The next phase of the task force’s work is the information sharing and gathering stage that started at the House of Delegate’s Regular Annual Session in San Diego this month. By the end of August, the design specifications and the eight concept models developed at the Summit on Governance will be posted to the Task Force on AVMA Governance and Member Participation page on the AVMA website and in other AVMA communications media, with the goal of engaging members, stakeholders and governance entities in discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of the eight models. The comment period will be open through most of September. Task force members urge AVMA members and stakeholders to provide feedback on the concepts, which will be reviewed at the task force’s October 2012 meeting.

One thought on “Update: AVMA Task Force on Governance and Member Participation

  1. I do not hear any opposition to the government takeover of veterinary medical care in Calif. or any other state from the AVMA!
    The Calif Horse Racing Board has voted to have their state vets administer Lasix on race day. This is despicable and I trust the AVMA will get into the fray to overturn this egregious act. ASAP
    Please respond as to what you plan to do to get govt OUT of vet med?
    Thank you,
    Dr Herbert Warren