AVMA IN THE NEWS: Week of August 26, 2012

To provide a look at where and how often the AVMA has been mentioned in the media in the past week, the AVMA Media Relations Division has developed this weekly AVMA@Work blog series, “AVMA in the News,” showing the number of times AVMA appeared in the media, as well as a sampling of those hits.

We hope you find these reports informative. As always, we appreciate any questions or feedback you might have on our media relations efforts.

Sunday, August 26 – Saturday, September 1
: 74
Daily Average: 10.6
High Average:  47.7 (Week of June 10)


AVMA, AAEP Urge Protection Enforcement at Walking Horse Nat’l
“. … Soring is a federal crime in addition to being a felony offense in Tennessee,” said Dr. Doug Aspros, president of the AVMA. “It is up to each of us–veterinarians, inspectors, judges, owners, trainers, riders and even spectators at these shows–to take responsibility for ending soring. …”

Rural veterinarians: Too few, far between
Minneapolis Star Tribune
. … Nationwide, only 17 percent of veterinarians work in food animal medicine, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). In Minnesota, several rural areas have a shortage of veterinarians who work with livestock, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. …

Veterinarians Confront Lyme Disease
The Times-Picayune (La.)
. … The American Veterinary Medical Association recommends the vaccine for dogs living in areas where Lyme is endemic. …

Puppy parvo pauses shelter adoptions
KVII-TV (Texas)
” . … We have a flier that we give out to every adopter of a puppy and we suggest they read it. It’s from the American Veterinary Medical Association. It’s the most up-to-date information on parvo. …”

Answering Your Questions at AVMA Convention: Megacolon, Cushing’s, Cat Behavior
SAN DIEGO, CA — These questions were answered by experts attending the Convention of the American Veterinary Medical Association Aug. 3-7 at the San Diego Convention Center.

Pet Points: Declawing of cats a divisive issue
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
. … The official position of the American Veterinary Medical Association is that “declawing of domestic cats should be considered only after attempts have been made to prevent the cat from using its claws destructively or when its clawing presents a zoonotic risk for its owner(s). …”

Myth Busted: Does the Blue Moon Make Us Crazy?
Rocket News
. … So if humans aren’t affected, how about animals? A 2007 study in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association did find that more cats and dogs arrive at the veterinary emergency room at Colorado State University on full-moon nights. …


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