Governance Task Force: Comment Period Closing Soon!

In previous posts, I discussed the work of the Task Force on Governance and Member Participation, particularly, the Summit on Governance in July.

The participants produced 8 conceptual models, which can be found at  A condensed version is attached to this can be found at Concepts for Governance Remodeling 9-23-2012 Condensed. The Task Force is in the “information gathering” phase before their October meeting, and they would like as much feedback as possible on the proposed models–not necessarily looking for you to select one in particular, but to tell us advantages and disadvantages of each model. You can review as many models as you would like when providing feedback via the above link.   You can also provide feedback by commenting on this post or email We have held 4 webinars to discuss the governance initiatives.  If you would like to watch one of the webinars to learn more about it, go to AVMA Governance Webinar.  

We need to hear from you and for you to “Join the Conversation” for this initiative to be successful!  During their October meeting, the Task Force will review all of the comments and develop 3-4 models that will be shared with our Executive Board in November, and with the House of Delegates in January.




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