New AVMA Wildlife Treatment Chart Keeps You on Course

Feeling like you need to tame the beast a bit when your clinic staff is confronted with a wild animal species? Our newly created wildlife treatment chart can help. 

It isn’t every day that a wildlife species comes through the door, but if you and your staff are inexperienced when it comes to treating wild animals, even the rare visit can be a hairy one. That’s why the AVMA created the Wildlife Decision Tree – to give you a roadmap of sorts that helps you better understand how to handle the situation, which laws and regulations you need to follow, and which documentation you need to keep. 

We don’t tell you how to go about treating the animal; that would be impossible to do on a one-page flow chart. What we hope to do is provide you with answers to many of the questions you and your staff may face. Things like, “Is it legal to treat this species or hybrid?” “Is the animal suffering from imminently fatal injuries?” “Are you knowledgeable and prepared to treat this animal?” 

The Wildlife Decision Tree, which you can download for free, print and post in your office or clinic, can be customized to your geographic area. It allows you to write in contact information for such experts as your state wildlife management agency, your local game warden, the local U.S. Fish and Wildlife agent and your state veterinarian. The online version of the document also includes links to other resources, including the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries Service. 

Our Wildlife Decision Tree helps you understand what options are available to you and who can help you through the process, which means you will be better able to help the animal. And that’s really what it’s all about.

4 thoughts on “New AVMA Wildlife Treatment Chart Keeps You on Course

  1. Hi AVMA,

    What a wonderful flow chart (decision tree). This will go a long way in removing a lot of the stress for future situations.

    Though it doesn’t happen every day, there are so many different wild animals that come through the vet door that it isn’t always so easy to decide how to handle it. The chart will make it easier.

    Big thanx for the chart and I can think of quite a few vets who will appreciate it when I send them the chart link via email.


  2. Would really liked it if the phone# fields could have been fillable, so we could fill in our local and state numbers and then save file as a copy for our staff. As it is, we have to print out and write in the numbers. Not quite as user-friendly because you can’t access the website links from a printed copy. Love the idea though – very helpful.

  3. Is the online link active? The hyperlink took me to the AVMA store. The idea for this chart is excellent.

    • Hi Kris,

      Yes, the online link is active. And, yes, you’re right, the hyperlink does take you to the Wildlife Decision Tree page in the AVMA Store. You can download the decision tree by clicking on the “Download PDF” link.

      Thanks for your interest!