Veterinarian Candidates Experience Success on Election Day

We are pleased to report that 15 veterinarians were re-elected to their state legislatures on Nov. 6. They are: Dr. Steve Abrams (R-Kan., Senate Dist. 32), Dr. E. Mac Huddleston (R-Miss., House Dist. 15), Dr. Krayton Kerns (R-Mont., House Dist. 58), Dr. James B. Rausch (R-N.H., Senate Dist. 19), Dr. Steve Katz (R-N.Y., Assembly Dist. 99), Dr. Bill Rabon (R-N.C., Senate Dist. 8), Dr. Lee Denney (R-Okla., House Dist. 33), Dr. Brian Renegar (D-Okla., House Dist. 17), Dr. Doug Whitsett (R-Ore., Senate Dist. 28), Dr. Charles “Doc” Anderson (R-Texas, House Dist. 56), Dr. Jimmie Don Aycock (R-Texas, House Dist. 54), Dr. John Mathis (R-Utah, House Dist. 55), Dr. John Bartholomew (D-Vt., House Dist. Windsor 1 (2), Dr. Kathy Haigh (D-Wash., House Dist. 35a) and Dr. Dean Knudson (R-Wis., Assembly Dist. 30).

We also congratulate the newest veterinarian-state legislator, Dr. Trudy Wade (R-N.C., Senate Dist. 27), who will represent a district in the Greensboro area. She has served previously as Guilford County commissioner and Greensboro city councilwoman. Dr. Wade has a DVM from Tuskegee Institute and has practiced veterinary medicine with a primary emphasis in small-animal treatment. Dr. Wade is a member of the AVMA and North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association. She has been awarded “Veterinarian of the Year” by the Guilford County Animal Shelter, and the Outstanding Board of Health Award by the Association of North Carolina Boards of Health.

In Iowa, veterinarian Dr. James Kenyon lost to incumbent Bob Kressing in House District 59. Also, since 2010, three veterinarians retired from state legislatures or left office: Dr. Eugene Maddox (Georgia), Dr. Phil Richardson (Oklahoma) and Dr. Jim Shuler (Virginia).

The current count of veterinarians holding office in state legislatures is 19.

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