Executive Board November Meeting Summary

Update 11/30/2012: the four policies that were referred to the HOD have been posted.

We sent an email alert yesterday to all AVMA members who opted in to receive email alerts about AVMA policy, updating them on the status of decisions made at the November Executive Board meeting (held Nov 15-17 at AVMA HQ in Schaumburg, IL). The Board took action on 28 AVMA professional policies, including 4 proposed new policies; 8 policies presented for reaffirmation; 14 policies with proposed revisions, and 1 policy to be rescinded. Four policies were referred to the AVMA House of Delegates for deliberation during their Winter Session on January 5, 2013. More information will be posted on the AVMA@Work blog soon about those policies,including the complete text of the proposed revisions.

If you’re an AVMA member interested in receiving policy alert emails, please go to the “Newsletters” page on our site and sign up for policy alerts (and whatever others may interest you). If you’d like to discuss the actions with your colleagues, we encourage you to do so on NOAH, our members-only online discussion groups.

The new and revised policies will be posted in the AVMA Knowledge Base on the AVMA website within the next few weeks.

All AVMA members are currently able to provide their input whenever existing Animal Welfare policies are reviewed. We will be expanding this to invite member input during the review process for all AVMA professional policies in the coming months. We’ll be sure to email you again when that happens, so stay tuned!

Following are the specific policy actions taken by the Executive Board at its November meeting.

Policies reaffirmed:

Policies revised:

  • Acclimation Certificates/Statements
  • Approval and Availability of Antimicrobials for Use in Food Producing Animals
  • Castration and Dehorning of Cattle
  • Declawing Captive Exotic and Wild Indigenous Cats
  • Excellence in Veterinary Medicine Awards
  • Food Irradiation
  • Model Dog and Cat Control Ordinance
  • Organic Foods
  • Safety Testing
  • USDA FSIS Food Safety Internships and Other Student Training Programs

Policies rescinded:

  • Career Development Center – Corporate/Public Veterinary Practice
  • Veterinarian as FSIS Administrator (originally recommended to be revised; Executive Board rescinded policy)

New policies approved:

  • Canine Brucellosis
  • Citric Acid as Disinfectant for FMDv
  • Removal or Reduction of Teeth in Non-Human Primates and Carnivores (supercedes policies on Removal or Reduction of Teeth of Dogs as a Method of Reducing Bite-Related Injuries and the Removal or Reduction of Canine Teeth in Captive Nonhuman Primates or Exotic and Wild [Indigenous] Carnivores)
  • Research Priorities of the American Veterinary Medical Association (supercedes policy on Research Priorities: American Veterinary Medical Association/Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges)


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