Prescription for Safety: Tips on Proper Medication Disposal

Let us pose a question: How many people, your clients included, know how to properly dispose of pills and other medications that are no longer needed? Do they flush them? Toss them in the household trash? Or simply leave them sitting in a cabinet, creating the risk of accidental exposure to both people and pets?

In an effort to help educate your clients about how to properly discard unused medications, the AVMA and Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant have created a free brochure that informs pet owners about proper disposal of unused medications. We encourage you to provide the brochure to clients and to be proactive about discussing the proper use, storage and disposal of drugs.

Thousands of pets are accidentally poisoned each year when they eat human or pet medications, even ones that are prescribed for them. Medications also pose a risk to our environment when they are flushed down sinks or toilets or dumped into landfills.

So do your clients, their pets and our environment a favor by spreading the word about how to properly dispose of unwanted medicine. Check out the brochure, “Prescription for Safety: How to Dispose of Unwanted Medicine,” on the AVMA website. You can download and print it for free.

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