Your Early Career Development Committee Off to a Great Start!

I am pleased to announce the new Early Career Development Committee had its first meeting at AVMA headquarters on November 19th and 20th and was a huge success! With the help of the Early Career Online Community, the Committee was able to compile a list of relevant and timely recent graduate concerns. By sharing the group’s discussions in real-time with the Online Community of over 160 members, they were able to receive immediate responses to their questions. A list of over 30 concerns were sorted and pared down to three working categories, “The 3 M’s” – Membership, Money, and Mentorship. The group will be investigating current resources and garnering additional feedback from our members about programs and services they would like to see developed or improved. You can get in on this discussion too by visting NOAH – AVMA’s online discussion forum. The Committee is set to meet again in February, but will be hard at work in the meantime. I can’t wait to see their projects take off!

Early Career Development Committee

Back row from left to right: Dr. Jim Weisman, Dr. Karen Shenoy, Charlene Wandzilak, Dr. Kirk Breuninger, Dr. James Finlay. Front row from left to right: Dr. Robin Hansen, Dr. Doreen Turner, Dr. Will McCauley, Dr. Libby Todd.

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