Holiday Pet DON’Ts

Sure, we’re a professional organization … but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun. Like the pop-off valves that prevent dangerous gas pressure buildup in anesthetic machines, our creative juices and sense of humor occasionally need their own pressure release.

You may have already seen our “5 reasons you need a veterinarian on your zombie apocalypse survival team,” which was inspired by the veterinarian character on AMC’s hit show, “The Walking Dead.” It began as a press release in 2011, and quickly became the most popular page on our website. When we launched the new site this past summer, we turned it into a page of its own. That page consistently remains one of the most popular and most shared pages of our website. We’re proud of it because it emphasizes the value of veterinarians to society in a fun and very memorable way.

And maybe you saw the videos of Dr. Rene Carlson (AVMA’s 2011-12 president) performing health certificate examinations on Santa’s reindeer. Or maybe you read or shared the actual health certificate or the FAQs for kids about Santa’s reindeer. We used the opportunity to focus on the fact that veterinarians safeguard our borders from infectious animal diseases that could threaten our food supply and health.

This year, we’ve produced “7 Holiday Pet DON’Ts” to emphasize pet safety during the holidays. It presents seven common holiday hazards in a memorable, funny and non-threatening way. We hope you like it, hang it in your practices and share it with your clients.

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