Need Last-Minute CE? Check out our Meetings and CE Online Calendar for Help

I’ll bet that at least once in your career you’ve experienced that sudden panicky feeling when you realize the year is drawing to a close and you’re not sure if you’ve gotten all the continuing education credits you need to satisfy your state licensure requirements.

Or maybe you’ve met the CE requirements, but you’re looking for something very specific that will advance your knowledge and clinical skills in a certain area.

Either way, we’ve got a resource to help you. Our online Meetings & CE Calendar provides a searchable listing of CE events across the country – yes, even online CE – that provide you with diverse opportunities to suit your CE needs. Search by event name, location, date, continuing education (CE) hours, event ID or keyword to find what you need.

And if you’re hosting a CE event, please help everyone find it by submitting your meeting for inclusion in the calendar (it’s free!).

One thought on “Need Last-Minute CE? Check out our Meetings and CE Online Calendar for Help

  1. The AMVA has been known for it’s forward thinking approach to care. After a 40 year career as a licensed physical therapist, I have seen the value of the holistic approach to care for people, including alternative and complimentary care—and I have trained dogs for 50 years and see the advantages of the same approaches of care for our loving companions. The measure to make homeopathy not a part of animal healing and welfare is a narrow-viewed decision and unwise. It is like what is happening in Western Medicine—it is going backwards and not forwards to offer various options that have proven to work with people and animals. I hope this vote will include keeping homeopathy and other alternative and complimentary techniques delivered by a qualified and skilled DVM.