AVMA IN THE NEWS: Week of December 9, 2012

To provide a look at where and how often the AVMA has been mentioned in the media in the past week, the AVMA Media Relations Division has developed this weekly AVMA@Work blog series, “AVMA in the News,” showing the number of times AVMA appeared in the media, as well as a sampling of those hits.

We hope you find these reports informative. As always, we appreciate any questions or feedback you might have on our media relations efforts.

Sunday, December 9 – Saturday, December 15
: 99
Daily Average: 14.1
High Avg.:  109.3 (Week of November 11)


Women make gains in the workplace
“. … That has do with requirements on education,” said Beaver, a former president of the American Veterinary Medical Association. …

Mistakes With Pet Prescriptions Can Prove Deadly
CBS Miami
. … The American Veterinary Medical Association said pet owners should make sure the pharmacist speaks directly to their vets about all prescriptions, and should always verify the name and dosage of their pets’ drugs with their vets themselves. …

New Poll Shows Voters Support Bill To Strengthen The Horse Protection Act
The Chattanoogan (Tenn.)
. … The legislation has the support of the Humane Society of the United States, other national animal protection and horse industry organizations, as well as the American Association of Equine Practitioners and the American Veterinary Medical Association. …

How to Be an Eco-Friendly Pet Owner
The Oklahoman
. … I talked with veterinarian Lidja Gillmeister from La Jolla Veterinary Hospital about some of the measures they’ve taken to make their clinic green (the American Veterinary Medical Association has more information on greening clinics) as well as actions pet owners can use to shrink their carbon footprints. It turns out you can have your pets and your trees, too. …

Poisoned dog’s toxic vomit sends four people to hospital with breathing problems
Daily Mail (U.K.)
. … The American Veterinary Medical Association calls for inducing vomiting in such dogs outdoors when possible and remaining upwind from the animals. …

Where to Get a Dog or Cat
Dover Post (Del.)
. … More than 80 million households in the United States own at least one dog or cat, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. …

Protect Your Pet from Parasites
Daily News-Tribune (W.V.)
. … According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), roundworms are the most common internal parasite found in dogs and cats. …

Choosing a Christmas reindeer
TCPalm.com (Fla.)
. … Demand a current health certificate from a veterinarian experienced in reindeer medicine. A good source of names is the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) directory. …


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