Ferrets 101: A Video Resource for Pet Owners

They’re soft, they’re slinky and they have tons of personality, just ask the nearly 340,000 people who, according to the 2012 U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook, own a pet ferret. They can also be a real handful.

Pet ferrets can bring hours of entertainment and fun. But there are a number of things prospective pet owners should know about these pocket-sized pets before they bring one home. 

The AVMA has posted a video, “Ferrets 101,” on the AVMA YouTube channel that contains lots of good advice about ferrets and how to take care of them responsibly. We invite you to view the video and share it with your ferret-owning clients, as well as the folks who are considering ownership and may ask you about the joys and challenges of raising a ferret. 

“Ferrets 101” is just one of many helpful, entertaining and instructive videos the AVMA has produced for you and your clients. You can view them all on the AVMA YouTube channel. Plenty of folks have already visited the site, with total video views now totaling more than 268,000! You also might want to check out our “Selecting a Ferret” brochure, another great resource for your clinic and for people considering or already owning a pet ferret.

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