The Scoop…on Poop

Ever wonder if there’s a group of people out there that’s convinced veterinarians have a fecal fetish? We certainly spend a lot of time asking questions like “how’s Rusty’s poop?” “Is he going the same, less, or more than usual?” “Is it normal in consistency, or is it loose or runny?” and asking people to bring samples when they bring their pets in for their preventive care/wellness exams. (And they usually bring the largest pile of poop they can find, don’t they?)

The AVMA has a new AVMA Kid Vid on our YouTube channel that answers the eternal question, “why do I need to bring a stool sample to the veterinarian?” It’s called “The Scoop on Poop,” and we hope you enjoy it and share it with your clients and any child you think will appreciate it.

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