Free Webinar: Animal Care Emergency Programs

Several hundred pets were displaced by Hurricane Sandy; hundreds of thousands experienced the same fate during Hurricane Katrina. While emergency responders, veterinarians, shelter employees and volunteers are making great strides in reducing emergency and disaster impacts on pets, we can always do more to help ensure pet safety and happy reunions with pet owners. 

In an effort to further your knowledge about career opportunities in the emergency preparedness and response fields, the AVMA is hosting a free webinar Feb. 14 that focuses on animal care during emergency responses and the people who perform the work. 

Dr. Jeanie Lin, regional emergency programs manager at USDA-APHIS-Animal Care and a member of the AVMA’s Committee on Disaster and Emergency Issues, will lead the webinar as she discusses the agency’s Animal Care Emergency Programs, as well as professional and volunteer opportunities available with the programs. 

As each major storm like Sandy passes, we learn more about what we can do to minimize the trauma for both people and pets. It’s our hope that providing member services like this latest webinar will help you become even better informed of the efforts that exist to handle these events and the career opportunities that exist in the field. So register for the webinar today to learn more.

One thought on “Free Webinar: Animal Care Emergency Programs

  1. Will this information be posted after the webinar? I am very interested in this topic but I am not available to attend the posted time of the webinar.