U.S. Economic Census: It’s Important, Be a Part of It

The U.S. Census Bureau has begun sending out surveys to businesses across the nation as part of its regular U.S. Economic Census, which occurs every five years. For veterinarians who receive the survey, this is an opportunity to tell the government how important our profession is, including how much it impacts the nation’s economy. 

We strongly encourage all veterinarians who receive the survey to fill it out. For one thing, you’re legally obligated to do so. But equally important is the opportunity this affords you to help our profession. 

The Economic Census provides detailed statistics that are used by chambers of commerce, businesses and associations such as the AVMA for decision-making, including strategic planning and economic development. At the AVMA, knowing all that we can about the economic impact our profession has on local communities and the nation goes a long way in helping us make decisions that will advance our profession. 

The AVMA feels this is so important that AVMA CEO Dr. Ron DeHaven recorded a video message just to encourage veterinarians to fill out and return the survey. We’ve posted the video to the AVMA’s YouTube channel

So, if yours is among the 4 million businesses selected to receive this year’s Economic Census form, please fill it out and send it in. America and the veterinary profession need your numbers.

One thought on “U.S. Economic Census: It’s Important, Be a Part of It

  1. Explain why the government needs this information and how it helps our profession. I don’t like giving information out .