Two Gems that Made My Month

My wife and I love music, and we are especially enamored with the deep, warm sounds that come to life only through the playing of vinyl record albums. 

As we were enjoying a recent evening spinning records on our turntable, my wife and I stumbled upon an old Frank Sinatra album my Dad purchased decades ago. My initial intrigue upon finding the album was heightened by the fact that I had never before seen the record. It somehow got slipped into a stack of albums and sat there since 1993, the year my Dad passed away. 

My excitement grew when a Google search revealed that the record, “The Voice,” was an original pressing of one of Frank’s earliest Columbia Records recordings, released in 1955. We stumbled upon a gem that had lain dormant for I don’t know how long. The nostalgia of it all brought a tear to my eye, and it warmed my heart. It was a priceless find. 

An AVMA colleague and I stumbled upon another gem during our recent trip to the North American Veterinary Conference. As we worked the AVMA booth in the NAVC exhibit hall, we were approached by Dr. Peter Malnati, a gentleman sporting a mile-wide smile, a really cool pair of sneakers – and an uncanny resemblance to my Dad. 

Dr. Malnati is in his 80s, and has been an AVMA member “since time began,” he told us. While retrieving one of his business cards from his wallet, he showed us a picture of his new three-wheeled motorcycle that looks more like a Ford Focus than a Harley Davidson.  As I looked at the picture, I noticed that the three-wheeler had a steering wheel, not the standard handle bars one finds on a traditional motorcycle. When I mentioned that “real” motorcycles don’t have steering wheels, Dr. Malnati – smile wide as ever – replied, “It’s a motorcycle. And that’s all you need to know.” 

My colleague and I had a good, long talk with this AVMA Honor Roll member. He’s still busy at his practice, still loving veterinary medicine and still very much interested in what the AVMA is doing for the profession and its members. 

Dr. Malnati is a reflection of the lifeblood that makes the AVMA tick. He, like every one of our members, has helped sustain the association for 150 years now. He made us laugh; he made our day. As he turned to leave, we thanked him for stopping by, for his dedicated service to veterinary medicine and his longtime commitment to the AVMA. 

He, too, was a priceless find. His visit warmed our hearts. We became enamored with him the moment we met him. He was just as warm as those lovely notes and sounds that only come from playing vinyl records.

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