GRD Updates Legislative Agenda for the 113th Congress

By: Victoria Barq, communications manager, Governmental Relations Division

AVMA’s governmental relations division (GRD) has updated its priorities for the 113th Congress on its website. Though Congress is currently dealing with budget discussions and has not introduced many bills yet, the GRD expects that several pieces of legislation that were brought forward last Congress may resurface again this year, including: the Fairness to Pet Owners Act,  farm bill (which has already been introduced in the Senate), and the Egg Products Inspection Act Amendments. In addition, the GRD expects that work will continue on some hot-button pharmaceutical issues, such as modifying the language in regulations that prevent veterinarians from using or transporting controlled substances outside of their registered places of business, and for changing regulations that guide how compounding should be conducted in the United States.

Visit and bookmark the GRD’s legislative agenda to learn more about these issues and others.

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