A black bear, bald eagle, and an alligator snapper walk into a veterinary hospital.

Although the title may sound like a lead in for a joke, it’s not.  Every day, private practices across the nation are presented with or asked about wildlife species and their hybrids.  This may be commonplace for some veterinary hospitals, while a rarity for others.

In addition to the wide range of species and myriad of presentations possible, multilevel regulations and authorities of oversight add to the complexities and may lead some practices not to accept these animals.  To help your practice address the peripheral issues so that you can focus on providing the needed care or transfer the patient to someone who can, the AVMA has developed the Wildlife Decision Tree.  Its purpose is to help practices navigate the less medical complexities associated with treating wildlife species or their hybrids – owned or wild.

A PDF version of the decision tree is available for free download.  Once printed, you can add vital contact information in the spaces provided for the authorities and other resources in your area.  Having such customized copies readily available in your facility for easy reference could benefit your practice, the public you serve, and the animals involved.

To learn more, check out the decision tree and its supporting pages at www.avma.org/wildlife.

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