Chrysler Says God Made a Farmer. We’d Like to Add That He Also Made a Veterinarian

Many thoughts come to mind when reflecting on this year’s Super Bowl: a win by the Ravens, a major lighting malfunction, a stellar performance by Beyoncé, and an ad by Chrysler: “So God Made a Farmer.” If you were grabbing another beer and a plate of chili nachos when this 2-minute ad aired, take a look at it here:

The ad is compelling because, unlike a lot of jobs in America, farmers must be willing to work at nature’s beck and call. The work is strenuous—seeds must be planted, crops must be sowed, cows must be milked, eggs must be gathered, livestock must be tended to, and all goods must be safely prepared and taken to market for human consumption.

Right alongside farmers to help care for livestock and ensure that all food animal products—including meat, poultry and eggs—are safe to eat are the nation’s veterinarians. At AVMA, we could go into detail about the many hard-working veterinarians who make farm calls to help farmers care for their livestock, or who work on farms to ensure that food animals do not contract or spread diseases, or who work in production facilities to inspect food products to ensure they are safe to eat before ending up on grocery store shelves, but there would be too many stories to tell.

We would, however, along with 250 national and state farm organizations, like to applaud Chrysler for bringing attention to the many hard-working individuals—farmers and veterinarians alike—in America’s agriculture industry who make it possible for us to reap the benefits of having such a great agricultural system in place. In a letter to Chrysler Group’s Chairman and Chief Executive Sergio Marchionne last week, AVMA and the other organizations, write:

“America’s farmers and ranchers are the most professional and productive in the world. Being the best at what we do benefits us all. No other nation can compete with our ability to produce the highest quality, safest, most abundant and affordable meat, poultry, eggs, dairy, crops, fruits, tree nuts, and vegetables in the world.

We sincerely thank you for recognizing us; we thank you even more for reminding the rest of the country—and a big part of the world—how vital our daily contribution is to their quality of life.”

So, while Chrysler says that “God made a farmer,” we at AVMA would like to add that God also made a veterinarian.

3 thoughts on “Chrysler Says God Made a Farmer. We’d Like to Add That He Also Made a Veterinarian

  1. Interesting that the AVMA wants to take credit for farmers’ success, but will not stand behind them as animal breeders when it comes to the Animal Rights movement trying to influence laws against farmers/breeders (and thus, Veterinarians). Much like the AKC, this organization leaves its hard working, responsible breeders out in the cold when it comes to AR legislation whose goals are to end all animal breeding, ownership and overall “use” via legislation that makes it so expensive and difficult to comply with regulations that breeders/farmers just QUIT. More and more Vet schools are preaching against breeders, the people that actually give them their JOBS! Are we stepping on our own tails here?

  2. The most reassuring thing about the commercial and this post is the acknowledgement that God had anything to do with anything. Most vets I know think they evolved from primordial soup via chimpanzees, and that God is a fantasy.