Advance Your Leadership Path This Presidents’ Day!

The impact President Abraham Lincoln had as one of our nation’s most remarkable leaders has been discussed to a great extent recently, including a New York Times article published earlier this week celebrating his birthday. This coming Monday, we celebrate Presidents’ Day and reflect on the ways our Presidents have led our nation.

But it’s not only Presidents who lead – veterinarians are also leaders who contribute to the betterment of our society, lead in our workplaces, and promote our profession. Therefore, it’s fitting that this Presidents’ Day marks the deadline for submission of nominations to the AVMA’s Future Leaders Program, a program for veterinarians emerging in their careers. There is nothing average about AVMA’s Future Leaders Program. It is a life-changing, meaningful experience for its graduates.

How will you take your leadership skills to the next level? As you reflect how our U.S. Presidents have led our nation, we hope you will also think about how you will continue blazing your own pathway. The Future Leaders Program might just be the next big step in your journey.

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