Come Join the Global Veterinary Picture Show

Our colleagues at the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) are creating a photo exhibit of small-animal veterinarians from around the world that will be displayed at several WSAVA events. The inaugural display will be at the upcoming 38th Annual WSAVA Congress to be held in Auckland, New Zealand, March 6-9.

The exhibit, “One Care Around the World: Sharing the WSAVA Mission,” is designed to highlight veterinarians and other animal healthcare team members, either as individuals or in groups, at work in the member countries of WSAVA. 

Here’s where your photos come in! The AVMA and the American Animal Hospital Association are the two U.S. member associations in the WSAVA. But WSAVA’s photo exhibit is currently lacking photos from U.S. veterinarians. Wouldn’t it be great to have photos of you and your animal healthcare team at work on display next to photos of your colleagues from around the world? It’s a great way to illustrate the global small-animal veterinary community through pictures. 

To be included in the inaugural display next month in New Zealand, you will need to get your photos to the WSAVA no later than February 20. Remember, once you send your photos in, the WSAVA will be able to use them for this exhibit into eternity, so please make sure you’re OK with that. Images may also be used for the WSAVA website, e-bulletin and advertisements.          

If you have that perfect photo that shows the spirit of small-animal veterinary practice in the U.S., and you want to share it on the international stage, please send a high-resolution electronic copy to Dr. Siraya Chunekamrai, WSAVA honorary secretary and public relations/communications chair, at Any common electronic photo format, such as a JPG or GIF, should work. Questions regarding submission requirements or the ongoing use of your photos should also be directed to Dr. Chunekamrai.               

Once you’ve submitted your photo, watch for it on the WSAVA website or at future WSAVA Congresses. You could find yourself proudly displayed next to others from the more than 70 WSAVA member countries, from Argentina to the Czech Republic to Namibia to Thailand. Thanks for sharing!

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