New Video: a Preventive Care Exam Walkthrough

Preventive care visits are an important part of keeping your pet happy and healthy. But what does a veterinarian do during one? In our latest episode of AVMA TV, Dr. Jim Park of Care Animal Hospital of Arlington Heights takes us into the exam room and guides us through a preventive care exam.

We hope you’ll share this video and other resources with your clients to help educate them about the need for preventive care.

For more information about preventive care, visit our “ounce of prevention” page and our Pet Care web pages.

A note to clients: Cherie was a very cooperative patient and it was easier to film what Dr. Park was doing without another person in the shot, but it is important for everyone’s safety that all pets be properly restrained during veterinary exams.

2 thoughts on “New Video: a Preventive Care Exam Walkthrough

  1. I am an agriculture teacher at Butler County High School in Morgantown, KY. I teach animal science including a Veterinary Assisting Class. I love you videos on AVMA-tv but have only found a few through search engines. Is there a way I could get access to more of the videos or a link to a library of them? They are wonderful educational videos for my students!