Volunteering as an AVMA Officer

Interested in throwing your hat into the ring for an AVMA officer position on our Executive Board? Nominations are invited for the position of AVMA president-elect for the July 2014-July 2015 association year. Nominations also are sought for qualified candidates for the position of AVMA vice president for a two-year term that runs from July 2014-July 2016. 

While nominations will be accepted for these positions through the spring of 2014, interested candidates are advised to submit their nominations by May 1, 2013. Doing so would allow for participation in the Candidate’s Introductory Breakfast during the 2013 AVMA Annual Convention in Chicago, where candidates for president-elect and vice president are formally introduced and given an opportunity to address convention attendees. Candidates would then have a full year within which to campaign for the respective positions. Formal election for these positions before the AVMA House of Delegates will take place at the 2014 AVMA Annual Convention in Denver. 

You can read all about the AVMA officer positions and the qualifications candidates need on the AVMA website.

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