Words that Work: Communicating the Value of Preventive Pet Healthcare

Humans aren’t vessels into which we can just pour accurate information. We all need context to better understand how to process and put information into action. Communication has to be understandable and memorable if it’s going to produce an intended result. 

In this month’s Partners for Healthy Pets article, we’re focusing on the importance of communication and how the Partners’ Words that Work Series helps practices communicate the value and benefit of their preventive healthcare recommendations. The videos and scripts for the Words that Work Series will guide, educate and support you through the communications process. 

The 3- to 5-minute videos use five scenarios – the taking of patient histories, the physical exam, a nutrition consultation, a dental exam and a talk about heartworm prevention – to demonstrate specific communication techniques you can use to help build better relationships with your clients. These videos and scripts, as well as the other components of the Partners’ Practice Resources Toolbox, will help enhance both the overall vitality of pets and your veterinary practice, and they are available to you at no cost. 

Research shows that pet owners are willing to embrace preventive healthcare visits if they know it will benefit their pets. Unfortunately, research also shows that many pet owners don’t completely understand the value of routine care. That’s where effective communication comes into play; that’s how we help fill the human vessel with meaningful information that our clients value and understand. Effective communications skills help establish trust between the pet owner and your healthcare team. They also lead to client and patient compliance. 

As professionals, we are good at making recommendations about pet health, but we are not always as diligent about effectively communicating the value and benefit of what we are recommending. The more we understand about a pet owner and the pet’s environment, the more we can help the pet owner understand the value of what we are doing and the more willing they are to provide their pet with the care you recommend. 

Our clients need to understand the value of veterinary services, and the Partners’ goal is to help you build client appreciation for preventive healthcare by helping you better communicate the value of your services. The Partnership’s mission is to ensure that pets receive the preventive healthcare they deserve through regular visits to a veterinarian. The bottom line: Partners for Healthy Pets offers tools and resources to help veterinary practices communicate the value and benefit of preventive care, build enhanced relationships with pet owners and deliver an even higher quality of preventive healthcare to patients. 

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Learn more about Partners for Healthy Pets and explore the Resources Toolbox at the Partners website. See you next month!

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