Are you ready to renew your National Veterinary Accreditation?

Accredited veterinarians – accreditation renewal has already started. The following information provided by AVMA will help members ensure they meet the new National Veterinary Accreditation Program (NVAP) requirements.

If you elected to participate in the revised NVAP and submitted the required forms to your Area Office by October 1, 2011, you should have received an e-mail with an assigned Accreditation Renewal Date (ARD). Renewal for some accredited veterinarians started in January 2013. If you are not aware of your ARD, you can obtain it from your Veterinary Service Area Office that oversees the state where your practice is located. You can renew up to six months prior to your ARD.

Do you know that your renewal in the NVAP can be done online? Simply click on Renew Your Accreditation Online to see how. In addition, there is a webinar on the Online Accreditation Renewal system every Thursday, 1:00 to 2:00 pm EST.

You can also renew your accreditation by completing VS Form 1-36A, then mailing it to the Area Office that oversees the NVAP in the state you practice in.

For those needing to complete the APHIS Approved Supplemental Training Modules for re-accreditation, these are provided as on-line or at in-person meetings. Category I accredited veterinarians must complete 3 units, and Category II accredited veterinarians are required to complete 6 units, anytime within the three years, to renew their accreditation.

And if you didn’t meet the deadlines for participating in the new NVAP, and want to be accredited and be able to perform regulatory functions, you’ll need to go through a few extra steps.

If you have any questions about NAVAP, please contact your Area Office or the NVAP staff in Riverdale, MD ( or USDA/APHIS/VS, National Veterinary Accreditation Program, 4700 River Road, Unit 64, Riverdale, MD 20737). Additional information is available on the APHIS NVAP website.

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