New Video: Heartworm Prevention

April is National Heartworm Awareness month and the AVMA is helping to spread the word with our new video on Heartworm Prevention. In the video Dr. Shelly Rubin fills the viewers in on what heartworms are, the dangers they present to pets, and how preventive care can help your pet avoid them entirely.

Don’t forget to check out our previous episodes of AVMA TV and as always feel free to share these videos with your clients.

3 thoughts on “New Video: Heartworm Prevention

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  2. I love this video! It is a great description of what we share with our clients multiple times per day. I would recommend, however, removing the application of Frontline while discussing topical heartworm preventatives. With the variety of products available to prevent heartworms, it is confusing enough to owners without suggesting (via video) that Frontline prevents heartworms too. Many people have used Frontline and will recognize it in the video, possibly thinking that their pets are covered for heartworms if they are using Frontline. It would be better to show application of Revolution or Advantage Multi.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Dr. Blanton. We understand your concern and will make a note to change that in the next version. That footage was used because it was the only footage we had of a topical treatment. We’re working on expanding our library, and I’ll add that to the list of video footage to obtain. Thanks again!