Some Website Services Unavailable This Weekend

Parts of the AVMA website will be unavailable for up to a few hours Sunday morning due to maintenance on our web servers. Members will be unable to log into the website during the maintenance period, so there will be no access to members-only areas of the site. These including the following:

  • NOAH discussion forums
  • My AVMA personalized content
  • AVMA Store
  • Commenting on AVMA policies
  • Email Subscription Center
  • Online membership renewal
  • Veterinary salary calculator
  • AVMA Now video news
  • SAVMA dues payment
  • Online PAC donations

This blog will be unaffected by the maintenance, as will all areas of the site that don’t require sign-in.

And of course we’ll complete the maintenance as quickly as we can in order to minimize any inconvenience.

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