A Message About Compounding: To Veterinarians, From Veterinarians

We hear there are emails circulating that suggest AVMA is being pressured by industry and is following misinterpretations by FDA. To be clear, our pressure is on ourselves to ensure we’re protecting our members and their needs in practice, and not due to pressure by outside influences including various drug and pharmacy industries. We agree compounding is an important treatment option used every day by practicing veterinarians. We need to ensure the needs of animal patients and their doctors are met which is why the AVMA (led by volunteer veterinarians on our governance groups) is very carefully considering whether or not our compounding policies should be revised, and if so, to what extent. The proposed changes to AVMA’s compounding policies are open for member comment on our NOAH Discussion Group through Monday, April 22. The updated policies will be used to advocate on Capitol Hill in defense of veterinarians’ compounding needs. Getting member feedback on these policies is critical, because we recognize there’s a balance to be struck between the necessity to use FDA-approved drugs with known safety and efficacy, while also meeting the compounding needs of veterinarians and their patients. We all recognize that compounding is a critical tool for specific patients with special needs that can’t be met by FDA-approved drugs. Thanks for your time and input.

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