April Executive Board Meeting Wrap-Up

The AVMA Executive Board met at AVMA headquarters in Schaumburg from Thursday through Saturday. Most of Thursday and Saturday were spent in strategic sessions and discussions, and the actual business meeting (during which action was taken on policy recommendations) took place on Friday, April 19.

Some of the biggest news relates to the workforce study we’ve all been anticipating. The report was presented to the Board and will be published in its entirety within the next week, along with the Workforce Advisory Group’s findings and recommendations. In addition, the report from the AVMA Task Force on Foreign Veterinary School Accreditation was accepted by the Board and will also be published in its entirety within the next 2 weeks. Stay tuned for more info on both reports – when they’re available, we’ll put the word out through our site, social media, and other channels. The Board was also updated on the status of the tactics supporting the AVMA’s 2012-2015 Strategic Plan, and updates are also available on the strategic planning pages of our site.

The Board took action on recommendations concerning 39 AVMA professional policies. Five recommendations for new policies were considered, and three of those five were approved and are now AVMA policy: Extractive Industries; Feral Swine; and Integrated Pest Management. These new policies will be posted in the policy section of the AVMA website within the next few weeks. The other two proposed new policies (Safe Handling of Commercially Prepared Pet Food and Pet Treats; and Veterinarian Notification of Violative Residues in Foods of Animal Origin) will be referred to the AVMA House of Delegates (HOD) for consideration during their annual meeting in July.

The remaining 34 professional policy recommendations were based on council/committee review of AVMA policies during the standard 5-year review cycle. Fifteen existing policies were reaffirmed and remain unchanged. Three policies were rescinded because they were no longer needed or were not serving the purpose for which they were intended. Eleven policies were revised according to council/committee recommendations, including the Rabies and the Vaccination Principles policies. The revised policies will be updated on the website within the next few weeks. Two of the policies with proposed revisions (Guidelines for Complementary, Alternative, and Integrative Veterinary Medicine; and Remote Consulting, formerly titled Paid Media Consulting) will be referred to the AVMA House of Delegates, also for consideration at their July meeting. Two policies (Military Veterinary Treatment Facilities; and Pet Food Health Claims) were referred back to their respective councils for further review. A number of revisions to the Principles of Veterinary Medical Ethics (PVME) were proposed; the Executive Board approved those that harmonized the PVME with the Model Veterinary Practice Act, but referred the remaining proposed revisions for evaluation by other councils and committees. Keep your eyes open for a member comment period on the cumulative proposed revisions.

I know that a number of you are interested in what happened specifically to the homeopathy resolution from the January HOD meeting, as well as the Council on Veterinary Service’s (CoVS) review of the Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine (CAVM) Policy. The Board opted to send the homeopathy resolution to the CoVS for consideration as requested by the HOD, but also referred it to the Council on Research for input. I’m not sure when those groups will be addressing the issue, because they’ve both already held their spring meetings. The CoVS’ recommended revisions to the CAVM policy were considered by the Board, but the Board members felt the policy should also be reviewed by the HOD. That review should occur at the July HOD meeting. Until then, our existing CAVM policy remains unchanged and is the official AVMA policy on the issue.

All of the items that will be going to the HOD as resolutions or proposed bylaws amendments will be made available prior to the meeting, in accordance with our existing bylaws. When they’re available, we’ll notify members via a number of channels (website homepage, social media, and here on the blog, for example).

If you’re an AVMA member and you’d like more information about the policy decisions, you can opt in to receive policy alerts via email. We will be sending out a policy alert email early next week, probably on Tuesday. To opt in for these alerts, as well as other alerts and e-newsletters that interest you, visit the Newsletters page of our site.

For more in-depth coverage of the April Executive Board meeting, look for upcoming articles in JAVMA News.

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