Thank You for Your Feedback on Compounding

Thank you to our members who shared input on the proposed revisions to the AVMA’s Compounding and Compounding from Unapproved (Bulk) Substances policies! We received some great input, which will be shared with and considered by our interested volunteer governance groups. Ultimately, the Executive Board will be asked to consider any recommended policy revisions, likely in late spring.

Recognizing compounding is an important treatment option that is used every day by practicing veterinarians, we are bracing for new federal legislation that could be introduced very soon. Compounding has come under federal scrutiny due to a lethal fungal meningitis outbreak in humans that occurred last fall. Any new legislation or regulations that are put forward could impact how veterinarians are able to compound in the future, which is important because we all recognize that compounding is a critical tool for specific patients with special needs that can’t be met by FDA-approved drugs. Stay tuned, because we will need your help communicating AVMA’s policies to members of Congress when legislation is ultimately introduced.

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