Are You America’s Favorite Veterinarian?

Who says it’s wrong to toot your own horn? You provide expert medical skills to your patients. You provide knowledgeable, authoritative advice to your clients, and you help make your community and our society safer. So why not ask your clients, colleagues or even family members to nominate you as America’s Favorite Veterinarian?

The American Veterinary Medical Foundation, the charitable arm of the AVMA, is seeking nominations for amazing doctors of veterinary medicine from all aspects of the veterinary profession. The program is one of the highlights of the AVMF’s 50th anniversary celebration, and we’re hoping that you might participate by printing this free poster and hanging it for everyone to see. They do the work from there by going to the AVMF’s Facebook page to submit their nomination. The deadline for submissions is June 1.

America’s Favorite Veterinarian will receive a $250 donation in their name to the AVMF, and the nominator will win a $250 cash prize. Both the veterinarian and the person nominating the winner will receive a trip to the AVMA Annual Convention in Chicago to attend the AVMF Impact and Partner Breakfast on July 21, and the winning veterinarian also will receive complimentary convention registration.

The contest’s panel of judges includes Steve Dale, syndicated pet columnist and host of “Steve Dale’s Pet World;” Dr. Bernadine Cruz, a small-animal veterinarian and radio and television personality; Ginger Brainard, chair of the America’s Favorite Veterinarian Task Force; Kimberly Topper, a member of the AVMF Board of Directors; and Dr. Susan Giovengo, senior director of Central Garden & Pet Co.

So ask those you know to participate today! You just might be named the AVMF’s first-ever America’s Favorite Veterinarian.

2 thoughts on “Are You America’s Favorite Veterinarian?

  1. Hi Robert,
    Thank you for your story. Please submit your story on the AVMF Facebook page ( using the contest button. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

    The AVMF Team

  2. As a professional Jody is brilliant in all the medical and clinical aspects. Here’s what I believe is different:

    She understands and treats patients as living souls that care about their lives understanding that many times their Owners’ do not.

    Obviously, there are owners who ought not have animals in the first place-we all understand that. But, Jody addresses it – in a manner which is win-win for the either the uncommitted owners or the animals.

    If that is your ,mission as veterinarians – she fulfills it and moves beyond the norm.

    She has voluntarily assisted animals and people affected by fire and smoke disasters., As well as assisting at the most traumatic moment of the animal-human bond……the death of either one.

    Jody has spent countless hours visiting patients IN their homes at the end-of life-moments. I believe this is done based on her commitment and dedication to her profession and animals by veterinary care.