AVMA’s 150 Years: Own a Piece of History

It was 1863, one of the bloodiest years of the Civil War, when a group of highly dedicated veterinarians with a common purpose met in New York City. Their goal: free the nation’s veterinary profession from the “grasp of uneducated men.” Today, 150 years later, there are few professions that are more respected, revered and trusted. Veterinarians, you can say, have come a long, long way, baby.

The transformation of the veterinary profession and the growth in both size and stature of the American Veterinary Medical Association are captured in a very special book that helps the AVMA celebrate its 150th anniversary. “The AVMA: 150 years of education, science & service” will take you on a voyage tinged with nostalgia but rooted firmly in the present with both eyes on the future.

You can own a piece of history with this 9-by-12 inch coffee table book containing more than 200 pages dedicated to the history of the AVMA and veterinary medicine. You can purchase a copy of this limited-edition book for just $25, plus shipping cost, by visiting the AVMA Store. You also can purchase it as an e-book.

Born in times of trouble, nurtured through decades of dramatic change and poised to carry the profession through the 21st Century and beyond, the AVMA owes its success to its invaluable members and its dedicated volunteer leaders. It’s all captured in “The AVMA: 150 years of education, science & service.” We invite you to enjoy the story today. Yes, it’s our story. But, perhaps more importantly, it’s your story, too.

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