Guidelines Improve Pet Health, Build Client Relationships

As we all know, dogs and cats need preventive medical care just like their human owners. An annual visit to the veterinarian helps prevent and catch budding health issues that can grow into serious, and more costly, medical conditions. But, unfortunately, recent reports indicate that preventable and treatable health issues such as diabetes, dental disease, heartworm disease and flea infestations are on the rise in both dogs and cats.

So how do we stop the bleeding? How do we convince our clients of the importance of preventive healthcare? And how do we energize our veterinary teams to enhance their client communication skills and boost compliance? The answers can be found in the Partners for Healthy Pets Toolbox, where you’ll find the AAHA-AVMA Canine and Feline Preventive Healthcare Guidelines.

The first of their kind, the one-page AAHA-AVMA guidelines identify all of the components of a comprehensive program of preventive care, serving as a valuable tool for both the veterinary practice team and the pet owner. They provide a detailed roadmap in checklist form for canine and feline preventive healthcare that can be used as the foundation for building enhanced relationships with your clients.

The guidelines, which are the cornerstone of the Partners for Healthy Pets initiative, are available to you at no charge, are easy for you to use, and, perhaps most importantly, are easily understood by pet owners. By incorporating the guidelines into your practice, your clients learn that you share the same goal – and that their pets are the focal point of that goal. You’re on your way toward improving pet health, building client compliance and boosting your practice. Win. Win. Win.

To help you implement the use of the guidelines in your practice, the Partners for Healthy Pets Toolbox includes:

  • A thought-provoking video that helps frame the preventive healthcare message on a personal level and gets to the heart of the veterinary team’s charge
  • A webinar that helps your entire practice understand the importance of preventive healthcare
  • A team meeting and training guide for practice leaders to help develop tangible goals, and
  • An action plan for implementation of the guidelines.

All of these resources are designed specifically for you, because Partners for Healthy Pets is dedicated to ensuring that pets receive the preventive healthcare they deserve through regular visits to the veterinarian. The Partners are committed to working with you to enhance the health of your patients and your practice. Our goal is to help you build better relationships with pet owners so that you can help them understand the value of preventive healthcare. Working together, we can help ensure that more patients can benefit from what you do best.

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Learn more about Partners for Healthy Pets and explore the Resources Toolbox at the Partners website. See you next month!

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