AVMA Goes to the Movies

We’re aware of the wide arena in which veterinarians serve, but sometimes the public needs a bit of a reminder. From pet care to public health, veterinarians span the spectrum when it comes to protecting, enhancing and advancing animal and human health. In an effort to help educate the public about all you do, the AVMA has produced a special movie theater advertisement that celebrates the association’s 150th anniversary and highlights the critical roles veterinarians play in our lives.

Running the week of June 21-26 on 2,760 movie screens across the country, the video short provides the movie-going audience with an exciting look at everything a veterinarian does. The ad will debut during the opening weekend of Disney Pixar’s “Monsters University,” the sequel to the monster-size hit, “Monsters Inc.” So, be sure to tell your friends and make sure you head to the theater too. Here’s a taste of what’s in store. And, yes, the following preview has been approved for appropriate audiences.


See you at the movies!

3 thoughts on “AVMA Goes to the Movies

  1. Nice overall. Two comments
    You say vaccines should be repeated in3-4 weeks but the record shows two weeks apart.
    My understanding is that it is rec to give vaccines on the distal limb…the video shows them given very high up on the limb.
    Just a vets critique. Probably not worth editing.

  2. Great idea! Now to keep this message going to the public in a big way beyond the one week. What does something like this cost? Marketing this message to the public and to employers will help them see beyond the traditional stereotypes for veterinary talents and for our value to society. This is an important investment in our future.