For You: A “Pets Age Faster than People” Poster

It’s true. Pets do age faster than people, and major health changes can occur in our pets in a pretty short period of time. That’s why the AVMA, through its involvement in Partners for Healthy Pets, is doing all it can to educate pet owners about the value of preventive pet healthcare. One of our latest efforts is a “Pets age faster than people” poster that helps pet owners understand just how quickly their pets age and how even a pet as young as six years old can be considered an animal version of a “senior citizen.”

You know how important preventive healthcare exams are in helping you diagnose, treat and prevent many pet health problems before they become life-threatening. It’s our hope that our “Pets age faster than people” poster will provide you another tool in helping spread that message. By visiting our AVMA Store, you can download and print flyer versions of the poster for free, or you can order four-color, 18-by-24-inch versions that will be shipped to you. Hang them around your clinic, hospital or other veterinary-related place of business, and help pet owners understand that time waits for no one, including our beloved pets.

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