Making Progress: Strategic Plan Update Available

The goal of the AVMA@Work Newsletter is to provide you with a monthly highlight of what the AVMA does for you on a daily basis. We like to keep it short and sweet, focusing on only a few items in each issue.

If you’re looking for a more substantive update on AVMA activities, take a look at the April 2013 Summary Progress Report of the AVMA’s 2012-2015 Strategic Plan. Prepared by the AVMA Office of the Executive Vice President, the summary is an impressive list of what we are accomplishing for both our members and the profession as a whole. It gives you a big-picture look at what’s happening across the entire association. And we think it shows that our strategic plan, like any good strategic plan, is a living and breathing document, worth a lot more than the paper it’s printed on.

3 thoughts on “Making Progress: Strategic Plan Update Available

  1. I really do appreciate what the AVMA does for the most part, I have been a member for 20+ yrs, however I just recently heard the AVMA is spending approx 160,000 to update their emblem, I hope this is a roomer, would someone please clarify this issue for me, feed some families or help some animals but don’t waste my dues on updating an emblem, you can call me anytime @ 940-367-8475 or just email me, I’ll be shocked if I get any response, thx

    • It is unfortunately NOT a rumor. AVMA does do a lot of great things, but the plan for the new logo has angered MANY members. Most feel it is completely unnecessary, and if truly necessary,should be done for one tenth the proposed expenditure. AVMA has received 100% negative feedback from members here, on VIN, and on Facebook. Yet they proceed undaunted (uncaring) with the new logo plan.

  2. It is difficult to appreciate all the issues AVMA works on for this profession on behalf of members unless one is actively involved in our association. This is a great update on so many issues that our members are concerned about, because our Strategic Plan was developed completely based on member input. When members are asked, “Why belong to AVMA?” this summary is a great resource. We should not forget that Advocacy on federal issues, such as Compounding and additioanl regulatory paperwork that affect our practice environment, was moved to “Core Competencies” because of our well-established Governmental Relations Division in Washington, DC, so lobbying for our interests and those of society is constantly in action, besides the focused objectives of our current Strategic Goals.