Help Us Celebrate our 150th with a Personalized Greeting

June 9-10 marks the 150th anniversary of the founding of the American Veterinary Medical Association. Those two early summer days in 1863 in New York City marked the occasion when 39 visionaries met and became the charter members of what was then known as the United States Veterinary Medical Association. It’s hard to know if the founding members could envision that the AVMA would grow to more than 84,000 members, and that the veterinary profession would evolve into one with such a breadth of specialties and so many activities conducted by today’s veterinarians.

We’re excited to celebrate our history, and we want you to join the party by sharing an anniversary greeting or a favorite recollection about the AVMA or your experiences in veterinary medicine. It’s easy. All you need to do is click the “Leave a reply” button above to join the celebration. The greetings and well-wishes will be posted here on the AVMA@Work blog. We also invite you to check out our videos and visit our webpage for more on our 150th Anniversary Celebration.

35 thoughts on “Help Us Celebrate our 150th with a Personalized Greeting

  1. I remember attending the 1958 AVMA convention with Lloyd B. Kornblatt four years before I entered veterinary school. WOW– closed circuit television of surgical procedures. Attending this meeting with a mentor was pivotal in my making a career choice. Today, mentoring my anatomy and physiology students is one of my fondest experiences. Thanks Lloyd and thanks AVMA. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

  2. Happy 150th Birthday! Can it possibly be 1 1/2 century, That our AVMA came to be? It’s the backbone of our veterinary tribe. So if you will allow me to imbibe, We’ll send a few bouquets their way. Then pause for a moment so we can say, Your efforts we really do appreciate. The job you’ve done has been just great. Over these years, one hundred fifty long, You have kept a commintment true and strong. In those years you have grown the ties, That keep AVMA in our minds and eyes. With your quiet dedicated ways, You deserve our universal praise. So thank you for the work you’ve done. Our trust and confidence you’ve won. You have woven tight the tie that binds. It warms the heart and lights our minds. Thank you, thank you.

  3. Happy 150th birthday. You have served our profession well. I am pleased to be an Honorary Member, having been a member since 1960.

  4. Hello AVMA,

    Has anyone tried to locate the first written mission statement of the USVMA? Where could I find a copy?

    Surely, the AVMA keeps records of these things, right?

  5. Happy Birthday AVMA! I am proud to be a member of this great organization! The behind the scenes work that keeps our profession rolling is appreciated. Here is to keeping our AVMA viable and relevant for another 150 years!!

  6. I have been a member since the day i graduated in 1947 .I always considered AVMA as my”union”—HAPPY BIRTHDAY—

  7. I am proud to be a member of this great profession. I have had the opportunity to serve in the House of Delegates representing Utah for 8 years and also on the AVMA’s Council on Education. I have always been very impressed with the dedication of the many volunteers who work to make our association the outstanding representative it is of our profession. I am now retired and serving my church in Guyana but I still maintain my membership in the AVMA and look forward to becoming an Honor Roll Member next year. Happy Birthday AVMA!!

  8. I have fond recollections of the time I spent in the House of Delegates representing the Sate of New Jersey (1973-1995), especilly those years I spent as Alternate to the late Robert Shomer. Love him or hate him, you could not ignore him. He was truly a unique individual – an absolute renaissance man. Many of the ideas that he passionately promoted were a bit ahead of their time but were eventually adopted by the AVMA. I am sure that he would have loved to be around to celebrate the 150th birthday. Congratulations!!

  9. Happy 150th AVMA!! You are like a fine wine, getting better as you age!

  10. Happy 150th!! As a member of over 30 years, I appreciate the structure that the AVMA provides. As veterinarians we are a diverse group that reaches from the Government, to overseas, to production medicine, to pet care, research, teaching, etc. In order to help such a diverse group continue to advance veterinary medicine for the common good, I appreciate the way the AVMA allows us all to function together and to bring us together. Thanks for all you do!

  11. It is true that we got our basic understanding of veterinary medicine in school but the real knowledge came from our interacting with our colleagues through the years. The AVMA has been instrumental in providing that environment for interchange. It has also been paramount in helping the profession maintain its discipline and integrity to make it the best job of all. (APPLAUSE)

  12. Congratulations! I have been a member 62 years of the 150 years and proud of them. I could not have found a better profession. It has been good to me and my family;

  13. Very proud and honored to be a member of the AVMA since I was at Iowa State University back in 1962.

    “Felíz Aniversario AVMA”.

  14. Happy Birthday AVMA!
    The American Veterinary Medical Association had always been and remains THE authority of the profession. Thank you for the leadership and guidance to our great profession.

  15. Happy Birthday, AVMA!!! and ‘Thanks’ to all the wonderful staff who make our professional organization run. Just in my career (1/5 of the 150 years) I’ve seen AVMA mature into the 21st century, evolving with technology and becoming even more interactive with those Veterinarians who want to get involved in ‘nurturing our profession.’ AVMA has led the way on many fronts such as One Health. But we can’t rest on our laurels…….there is still much (One Health) work to be done. Thanks, AVMA, for always being there and for all the support.

  16. Happy birthday AVMA. Thanks to what you do, I have enjoyed 34 rewarding years in the profession.

  17. The study of veterinary medicine with a unique emphasis on large animal medicine and surgery enabled me to find service in government agencies disease eradication programs,meat inspection program services ,state veterinary medical employment,food and drugs evaluation and pharmaceutical involvement in research.My experiences as a large animal and small animal practitioner enabled me to serve diverse elements of society,both human and animal.In the interim of different aspects of my various practice experiences I found the time and effort to attend law school and graduate as an attorney.This broadening of professionalism enabled me further grow to appreciate the development of veterinary medicine.Becoming a member of the AVMA as a student and continuing throughout my professional and retirement life belonging to the AVMA enabled me to continue the study of advancing veterinary medicine.The many AVMA national meetings I attended added so much to a lifetime of experiences.

  18. Having spent almost two months in China already, I am indeed looking forward to attending the 150th AVMA meet in Chicago. It’s been an incredible experience and so looking towards sharing much with my fellow “tongshi,” upon returning here to Shanghai after. Funny thinking how over 43 years ago when it said “future veterinarian” in my high school year book, I never imagined my career through the years would have taken me to places like China, the Himalayas or the Philippines! I can say you never have to work a day in your life if you love what you do, and I can’t think of anything better than being a caretaker for unconditional love and sharing that with others. Happy 150th AVMA! and looking forward to being there.

  19. Happy Birthday AVMA!!! Thanks for all you have done and still do for the Veterinary community!

  20. Happy birthday avma! Thank you to the pioneers who laid the groundwork and paved the way so many years ago . I am a mixed generl practitioner in a small town in Texas – been there 28 years and counting – loving evey minute of it !!

  21. Gee, seems like it was only yesterday that we celebrated AVMA Golden Anniversay. Since then I have enjoyed most of the activities a DVM can give us. Instructor at Cornell in LA medicine, a few months as state veterinarian in N.Y., LA practice in Bath, N.Y. for 1 year, 2 years in the USAF Veterinary Corps, 3yrs as 1st ever Director of Animal Care Facility at Georgetown U. Medical College in D.C., establish small animal practice in Fairfax, VA.. All the while a reserve officer at Walter Reed in D.C. and assisting with much fascinating research there, plus being consulting veterinarian for three private research companies in northern VA. I’m sure at my age I missed some things but you get the picture. Will be giving a luncheon talk to the Santa Barbara Yacht Club next week so will be able to stress the very broad scope of modern veterinary medicine. It has been SUCH a pleasure!!

    • All these years I have seen your name in many places not really believing that you were truly the Bud Stuart that I knew from the DC Academy some 40 years ago. Congratulations on your many accomplishments!
      John Hayes from Upper Marlboro.

  22. Go AVMA!! Happy 150th!! I’m glad for all you do for our vet students. I am a faculty advisor and appreciate your support. Kek

  23. I’d like to celebrate the AVMA’s 150 years but I just can’t. AVMA has succeeded in sowing the seeds of this profession’s destruction by wantonly IGNORING its mandate…looking out for the interests of its dues paying members. I won’t belabor this because everyone knows what I’m talking about already. I’d be flabberghasted if this response is actually posted on the website. (Not surprising!)

    • Agreed! I would like to find a copy of the original mission of the USVMA and see just how far we have come from the original purpose.

  24. Veterinary medicine is a second career for me. Though I graduated in 2004, I am….well, not quite 150 years old, although it feels like it on occasion….let’s just say I’m the beneficiary of lots of life experience. Becoming a veterinarian has been the highlight of my life. It has been an emotional roller coaster, with patients and clients who have come and gone but always touched my heart. Some of them are delightful. One of my favorites: the client who thought her cat was urinating outside the box, only to find out the her refrigerator was leaking. Easiest cure I’ve had!
    I am honored to be among professionals whose dedication and sense of service to others are so strong. The support and cohesion that AVMA brings to the table is invaluable, and I congratulate all involved on a special anniversary. May the next 150 years be a march forward based on the first 150!

  25. Happy 150th AVMA!!!!
    From private practice to federal service, the AVMA and my DVM from The Ohio State University have served me exceptionally well.

  26. Is the first written mission of the usvma published anywhere on the website? I am interested in reading it.

  27. I recently retired after 40 years of enjoying the benefits of my DVM degree from Auburn University. Those very full years included 30 years of owning a private practice, 4 years as a missionary and 6 more in a corporate practice. Relationships with wonderful clients, coworkers and veterinary students are among the greatest treasures on my list. In fact, I enjoyed it all so much that occasional relief work helps keep me in the loop!