Website Widgets for Veterinarians

Believe it or not, not all widgets are the same. Some of them, like the ones you can find in the Practice Management resources section on the AVMA website, take you and your clients to informative, educational destinations – all at the click of a mouse and at no cost to you.

While your website is a critical component in your business, keeping it updated can be just one more task for which no one in your clinic has training, expertise, or that most valuable of commodities … time.

At the AVMA, we’ve got your back. We offer widgets that you can put on your website easily and free of charge. The number available at any given time varies, as some of these relate to pet health observances, such as Dog Bite Prevention Week. But they’re all simple to use: Just copy the code we supply with each widget, and paste that into your own website code, wherever you would like the widget to appear on your site.

Take a look at our website widgets page today. If you find something you like, it’s all yours.

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