Exploring Veterinary Economics

Veterinary economics is a top-of-mind subject these days, whether we’re talking about student debt, workforce issues or visits to the veterinarian. There are no simple ways of addressing these issues, and it’s going to take a concerted effort across the veterinary profession – from the AVMA to veterinary colleges and the local practitioner – to improve the conditions that are raising concerns.

The AVMA is committed to serving as a reliable source of veterinary economics information and to helping find solutions to the challenges we face. Our recent Veterinary Workforce Study, the creation of an AVMA Veterinary Economics Division and our role as a founding member of Partners for Healthy Pets are just three examples of the resources and the efforts we are dedicating to finding out what’s going on and what we can do to improve things.

In addition, Dr. Michael Dicks, the newly hired director of the AVMA’s Veterinary Economics Division, is hoping that the creation of a new Exploring Veterinary Economics webpage will help serve as a go-to resource that will help explain the current state of veterinary economics and what the AVMA is doing to address the issues. It’s a members-only service, it’s free and it’s easy to access – all you need is your AVMA member ID and password. So far, Dr. Dicks has posted three articles: “Excess Capacity or Oversupply,” “Veterinary Services Industry Trends” and “Is the Veterinary Services Industry Unique? The page will be updated every two to three weeks with a new article. We hope you’ll visit regularly.

2 thoughts on “Exploring Veterinary Economics

  1. The situation is now verifiably obvious and what needs to be done to remedy it seems equally obvious: the schools need to reduce class sizes now. And we certainly don’t need any more schools built.

  2. OH yes, lets discuss it, put it in committee, not make any bold statements of the obvious or that might help point the compass back to true, and certainly most of all not offend anyone with the cold facts and truth. Just maybe “they” will forget about it if we act like we are doing something while we plod along at the status quo.