A Changing of the Guard

You already know that our annual AVMA Convention offers high-quality CE, networking opportunities and entertainment. But what some of you may not know is that the AVMA Convention is preceded by several days’ worth of business meetings, such as the House of Delegates’ (HOD) Annual Session.

During the Annual Session, the reins of the AVMA President position are turned over to a new President, and a President-Elect is chosen. This year, Dr. Doug Aspros handed over the title of President to Dr. Clark Fobian. Dr. Aspros officially became Immediate Past President, and Dr. Ted Cohn was chosen as President-Elect; that means that Dr. Cohn will be AVMA President starting at next summer’s HOD Annual Session in Denver and will be in office until the 2015 Annual Session in Boston in 2015.

The video below is Dr. Fobian’s address to the House of Delegates as he took office on July 19, 2013.

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