What Federal Legislation Impacts Veterinary Medicine?

AVMA’s Governmental Relations Division (AVMA-GRD) closely monitors federal legislation that could bear an impact on animal and human health and the veterinary medical profession. So far this year, the first session of the 113th Congress has convened for roughly 100 days in each chamber, but in this short period of time, they have introduced many key bills that will promote animal welfare, boost funding for agricultural research and food safety programs, address pharmaceutical issues, create opportunities for students and small business owners, and address a myriad of other issues.

The AVMA-GRD has created our, “113th Congress Legislative Agenda,” which lists key federal legislation by issue area:

  • Appropriations
  • Animal Welfare/Human Animal Bond Issues
  • Aquaculture
  • Environmental/Conservation Issues
  • Farm Bill Reauthorization from 2013-2017
  • Food Safety
  • Pharmaceutical Issues
  • Public Health Issues
  • Research Issues
  • Small Business Agenda
  • Veterinary Workforce Issues
  • Veterinary School/Educational Issues.

You will notice that not all pieces of legislation are treated equally by the AVMA-GRD staff. Near the beginning of the document, you will find “AVMA’s Legislative Scoring System,” which outlines how the AVMA-GRD prioritizes bills or regulations when they are posed in Congress.

The Legislative Agenda complements the recently updated “Legislative Scorecard for the 113th Congress,” which provides a snapshot of each congressional representative’s support for or against bills that are import to veterinary medicine.

For more information on what is happening in Congress, see the Congressional Activities section of AVMA’s website and be sure to sign up for the AVMA-GRD’s monthly e-newsletter The Advocate. Click here to download the 113th Congress Legislative Agenda.

5 thoughts on “What Federal Legislation Impacts Veterinary Medicine?

  1. When the USDA comes to the leadership of exotic bird organizations and states that they have NO IDEA as to how to regulate exotic bird breeding or bird farming, then it seems to me that pursuing laws and regulations in that arena is not a good idea. I am surprised that the AVMA would support the PUPS bill as it is surely designed to destroy the ability of the small home based dog and animal breeders to do the good job they are now doing. The HSUS makes a practice of propagandizing the veterinary organizations and the general public about the “problems” in any animal interest area. However, their propaganda has one purpose: to eliminate animal use. Their proposed laws and regulations will do nothing positive in the area of animal welfare. There are already numerous laws on the books to control or punish those who are abusive in the keeping and breeding of animals.

  2. H.R. 847/ S. 395, Puppy Uniform Protection and Safety (PUPS) Act – It is unfortunate that the AVMA is supporting this H$U$ (and other “animal rights” organizations) written and strongly supported bill. The devil is in the details, and while the synopsis may sound good, look at the fine print which provides for unintended consequences (but NOT unintended by the “animal rights”-led organizations). It’s frustrating that the AVMA doesn’t seem to recognize the threat to animal enterprises (which will affect the veterinary profession) that the animal rights movement presents. The HSVMA should give you some clue!

  3. Supporting PUPS as it stands is much more than what you print here. why not print the whole truth PUPS is a bill driven by the HSUS to make dog breeding of ALL types illegal. Lies of omission are just as bad as lies