Brief website maintenance planned this weekend

We’ll be performing some routine maintenance on our back-end systems Sunday evening, which means that our website sign-in will be down for a short time. The maintenance is planned between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. Central time on Sunday, and we anticipate an outage of only a few minutes.

So if you happen to be trying to sign into at just that time, and you’re not able to do so, please wait a few minutes and try again.

Areas of the website that will be affected include:

  • AVMA store
  • Discussion forums
  • AVMA Now video news
  • Email subscription center
  • Online membership renewal
  • Veterinary salary calculator
  • My AVMA personalized content
  • Commenting on AVMA policies
  • SAVMA dues payment
  • PAC donations

This blog will be unaffected by the maintenance, as will areas of the site that don’t require sign-in.

2 thoughts on “Brief website maintenance planned this weekend

  1. Hi Dr. Windley,
    Seems like we (AVMA) are constantly challenged in 2 ways; first, to provide the services that a very diverse membership wants. And second, is to inform the membership of all that we are doing so that they can either take advantage of those services or see value in them, e.g., advocating for the profession in Wash, DC. I’m interested in some of the things that you would like AVMA to do for you.
    Ron DeHaven

  2. You might want to consider shutting down the entire AVMA with full reconstruction in mind. That is before you become entirely irrelevant to the needs of today’s veterinarian.