AVMA Now: Rabies, Drug Shortages, and a Governance Update

The latest episode of AVMA Now is available to AVMA and SAVMA members. Featuring important member updates from the AVMA, this week’s topics include World Rabies Day and prescription drug shortages.

The ongoing AVMA governance assessment has been a hot topic of discussion among some of our members and within AVMA leadership, so we wanted to go “straight to the horses’ mouth,” so to speak, for an update and some clarification. We are pleased to bring you an interview with Dr. Karen Bradley, chair of the Governance Engagement Team, who gives us and inside look at what’s happening with the proposed new governance structure and where it’s headed from here.

Access to the show is now restricted to AVMA and SAVMA members, and can only be viewed when you are logged into the AVMA website. You can view the current episode and see all of the previous episodes at www.avma.org/avmanow.

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