Governance Engagement Team Updates Plan and Timeline

The AVMA Governance Engagement Team (GET) recently concluded a 2-day meeting at AVMA Headquarters.  We had a productive meeting and focused on the wealth of information that has been provided to us by AVMA members.  We have received a tremendous amount of feedback and information through a survey of the AVMA House of Delegates, the Governance Structure survey for all members, and many e-mails, phone calls, and one-on-one conversations.

Thank you for making this project a priority and for sharing your honest thoughts and opinions!  The response has provided the GET with specific concerns and questions about the proposed governance changes.  Our team was able to identify trends and common threads that were expressed across our membership and member volunteers.  The results of the Governance Structure survey will be available in our next post.

Review the revised GET timeline (PDF format) at:

Watch for our upcoming post of the revised draft version of the governance proposal.  We encourage you to study this report and continue to provide the team with constructive feedback and thoughtful questions. We want your feedback and hope that you will provide us with more comments and focused questions.

Follow the progress of the GET through this blog and other AVMA information outlets.  Help us work together for a healthy and sustainable future for the AVMA!

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