VMMA Surpasses 100 House Cosponsors

By: Dr. Ashley Morgan, assistant director, Governmental Relations Division

Despite the government shutdown earlier this month, members of Congress continued to hear their constituents’ concerns, including those who support legislation that would allow veterinarians to legally bring and use controlled substances beyond their clinics. By Oct. 11, a few more House members cosponsored H.R. 1528—the Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act (VMMA)—bumping the number of representatives who currently support the legislation to more than 100.

Much of the credit for garnering the additional support for this important legislation comes from AVMA members and constituents who have advocated for it through letters, phone calls and emails.  AVMA’s Congressional Advocacy Network (AVMA-CAN) has sent more than 22,000 letters to congressional representatives on the bill this year, a record high! AVMA’s Governmental Relations Division (AVMA-GRD) would like to extend a generous thank you to the veterinarians and students who have advocated on Capitol Hill or have sent letters on this issue.

While the legislation is still stuck in committee, interest in the issue remains high. AVMA continues to hear from veterinarians who are being told by DEA field offices that they cannot transport controlled substances or register using a residential address. Congressional supporters remain committed to seeing a resolution on this issue.

We ask that you continue to contact your congressional members in support of H.R. 1528/S. 1171, the Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act.  Your efforts are working and the message is being heard!

AVMA Launches New Interactive Graphic, Advocacy Web Page for VMMA
On Oct. 10, the AVMA-GRD released a new interactive graphic that explains how veterinarians use controlled substances, and why Congress should support the VMMA. In addition, the GRD created a new Web page that collates all of its materials on the topic, including an embeddable infographic, an issue brief, and all of the recent blog posts and news releases. AVMA members are encouraged to share this Web page with others and sign the AVMA-CAN action alert.

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