National Ad Campaign Highlights Veterinarians, Preventive Pet Care

The AVMA and Partners for Healthy Pets have launched a multimillion-dollar print advertising campaign that puts you and the importance of preventive health care for pets on the national stage.

We’re hitting the ground running with some of the nation’s most popular magazines – People, O, Prevention, Family Fun, and Every Day with Rachael Ray – that have a combined circulation of more than 14 million readers.

The campaign, which began this month and includes People magazine’s annual “Sexiest Man Alive” issue, contains two ads, one featuring a dog and one featuring a cat. Both are wearing a “special care instructions” tag that prompts pet owners to feed their pets daily, take them to the veterinarian for yearly checkups and to love them forever. The take-away message of the ad highlights the responsibility owners have to their pets’ health: “A yearly visit to your family vet is as essential as food and love. Make an appointment for an annual checkup today.”

Be on the lookout for the ads, because your clients will certainly see them. Use the ads as a great platform to start that conversation about the importance of regular preventive health care visits, to enhance the relationship you have with your clients and ultimately to deliver a higher quality of preventive care to your patients.

Finally, we’d like to take this opportunity to invite you to enroll your practice in the Partners for Healthy Pets program. When your clients ask if your practice is enrolled in the Partnership, you’ll want to say “Yes!”  Come join the thousands of veterinary clinics who have already committed to making a difference in pet health.

4 thoughts on “National Ad Campaign Highlights Veterinarians, Preventive Pet Care

  1. This is a good start and I hope that the AVMA and other shareholders get behind this effort and continue adding resources to try to improve our profession .

  2. For the last 16 months the Lafeber Company has been working on a video that highlights the need for preventative care for all avian, reptile and small mammal pets. The video is a free download. IT IS NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT. Please pass this information on. IT is CRITICAL that ALL PET OWNERS are informed about preventative care, not just dog and cat owners.

    Dr. Gregory Rich
    West Esplanade Veterinary Clinic

  3. I am very proud of the AVMA for taking a leadership role in marketing the value of annual examinations in pet care. With all the other readily available information resources for pet owners, including Dr Google, and the negative experiences seen with human health care, I think families need to have the value of veterinary care reminded to them in their daily lives, and this is exactly what the Healthy Pet campaign does. Thank you very much…