The AVMA Veterinary Leadership Conference: Learn and Lead

It has been said, that if your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. If you have a desire to lead and are looking for ways to expand your view of what makes an effective leader, then the AVMA’s Veterinary Leadership Conference is for you. 

The Veterinary Leadership Conference, held January 9-12 at the Westin Michigan Avenue Hotel in Chicago, allows you to take advantage of workshops and networking opportunities with your veterinary colleagues and leaders in the veterinary profession. The topics covered are targeted specifically to veterinarians, with learning tracks for emerging leaders, as well as state and allied representatives. The conference is open to all veterinary professionals interested in learning more about leadership, team building and management, and how the AVMA works with you and for you. You can also receive continuing education credit by attending. 

So help us bolster the ranks of veterinary leaders: Register today for the 2014 AVMA Veterinary Leadership Conference.

One thought on “The AVMA Veterinary Leadership Conference: Learn and Lead

  1. Why is it the AVMA VETERINARY Leadership Conference? The AVMA Leadership Conference would be more appropriate. Unless it is important to distinguish if from the AVMA Animal Leadership Conference or
    the AVMA Leaders Leadership Conference or some other kind of leadership.If it is the veterinary leadership conference, it must be leadership for veterinarys. I notice in an adjacetn column on this page a notce of a report on “Veterinary Salaries” – again, must be a report on salaries for veterinarys.