AVMA Now: Insurance Exchange, Compounding and Flood Relief

The latest episode of AVMA Now, your video window into what’s happening at the AVMA, is available for viewing here. Featuring important member updates from the AVMA, this week’s episode highlights the opening of the AVMA Group Health and Life Insurance Trust C.A.R.E Exchange/Marketplace, a video resource for compounding and disaster grants for those affected by the flooding in Colorado. 

Along with these important updates, we are pleased to bring you an interview with AVMA GHLIT CEO Libby Wallace, who answers questions about the opening of the exchange, how to purchase insurance and what types of insurance products are available. 

Access to the show is now restricted to AVMA and SAVMA members, and can only be viewed when you are logged into the AVMA website. You can view the current episode and see all of the previous episodes at www.avma.org/avmanow.

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