Let’s talk about the 20/20 vision for AVMA

The AVMA 20/20 Vision Commission Report looked at every aspect of AVMA and sought to take us successfully into the future, to envision what AVMA needs to be or to become to stay relevant and successful.  As we consider any and all changes to our existing AVMA governance structure, we must keep this vision in mind.  Only considering the way our governance functions now, refusing to envision a way it can continue to work for our future and evolving membership, is not visionary.  The 20/20 Vision Commission members made a strong statement that AVMA can either lead or lose influence and relevancy.

A quote from the 20/20 Commission’s report:
“There is a distinct and likely possibility that the governance system will not be compatible or conducive to the next generation of members or potential members and the growing numbers of women entering the profession.  What’s more, technological tools now make participation, voting, deciding, and meeting possible solely through technology and also represent a real cost savings.”

Don’t forget to read the GET Interim report and give us your feedback!




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